Brewery Immersion Course

The art of brewing craft beer

The Immersion course is designed for two partners. One will work two days learning the business end of the brewery. The other will work in the brewery. On the third day both will brew a batch of beer. The combination will cover everything you need to open your brewery. The schedule can be worked out to suit your travel needs.

Learn more about Tom and Frankenbrew in this overview.

You will leave with a thumb drive containing all our business systems, Quickbooks templates, check lists, recipes, and resources.

60% of course participants have gone on to start their own pub in the Frankenbrew style.
~ Tom Hennessy

Here is what you will need to bring

  1. A pair of rubber boots, basic just to keep your feet dry while in the brewery.
  2. A camera
  3. Note pad
  4. Laptop
  5. Information on a possible location that includes;
    • Interior dimensions
    • Where plumbing is located
    • Where the closest schools and churches are
    • Size of water service (1/2 inch, 3/4, etc.)
    • Electric service (single or 3-phase)
    • Single or multiple story
    • Previous use of the space
    • Cost of rent (or purchase price)
    • Total square foot
Inside the brewery
Header photo by Patrick Fore

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