Brewing Videos

Here are a collection of videos explaining some of the more technical aspects of brewing. If you are a home brewer you should enjoy these!

Watch a Brew Day

At the Colorado Boy, we are constantly brewing and turning over high quality craft beer. We utilize a small set up and focus on diversity and quality. Check out a typical brew day.

Build a Mash Tun

What in the world is a 'Mash Ton' you ask? Well, we'll not only show you, we'll demonstrate how to build one on the fly and super cheap.

How to make a Cask Ale

We wouldn't be master brewers if we weren't constantly seeking perfection. One such way to get there is via 'cask ales'. Smooth and easy to drink... ahhhh, perfection.

To Keg or Not to Keg

Filling kegs isn't rocket science, though it's probably one of the most vital things known to man, second only to drinking from them. Let's show you how it's done (the filling part).

Cleaning Kegs

Most people know all to well how to empty a keg, however when it comes to cleaning, not so much. This video covers the basics for keeping the kegs clean.


A video sample from the 1995 cult classic that covers how cheap brewers make great beer.

Yeast Harvesting

Our method for harvesting yeast from our Italian fermenters.

Keg Filler

A simple and inexpensive way to make a counter-pressure keg filler. Because filling kegs is a necessary step to enjoying great beer.

Need to hook up a heat exchange?

Some jobs are easier than others. Here we'll show you how to hook up a heat exchange in 14 super easy steps. Seriously.

Frankenbrew Keg Washer

Washing stuff is never fun, but as with all things Frankenbrew, it's super easy, cheap, and should potentially be an olympic sport.

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